California Regulator Rejects Plan For Desalination Plant – California

California regulators on Thursday denied approval for a $1.4 billion plant to remove salt from sea water, a project criticized on environmental grounds but backed by California Governor Gavin Newsom as a necessary tool to counter a sustained drought.

The California Coastal Commission voted 11-0 to reject the proposal by Poseidon Water, a company controlled by the infrastructure arm of Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management, to build the desalination plant in Huntington Beach.

The plant was designed to convert enough Pacific Ocean water into drinking water for 400,000 people, but using a process that staff experts at the commission said would harm marine life and nearby bird habitat while producing water that would be prohibitively expensive for low-income consumers.


MIT’s portable desalination unit makes clean drinking water ‘with less power than a phone charger’ – Massachusetts – United States

Weighing less than 10kg, the suitcase-sized device can also be driven by a portable $50 solar panel. It automatically generates drinking water that exceeds World Health Organisation quality standards, needing only the push of just one button.

Unlike other portable desalination units that require water to pass through filters, the MIT device uses electrical power to remove particles water.

Eliminating the need for replacement filters greatly reduces the long-term maintenance requirements, the developers said.


California should use desalination to replace Colorado River water – California

After reading the Deseret Magazine article concerning the drying up of our desert areas, it was painfully obvious that in the allocation of use of Colorado River water, California came out looking like a water thief in using 52% of the water while contributing little or nothing to the system.

The state of California has one of the greatest sources of water on the planet Earth in the Pacific Ocean. Plans should be made for California to develop a desalination system to replace that 52% of Colorado River water and give it back to the Colorado River states.

Arab cities such as Dubai have desalination systems that they use where they have little or no rainfall. Dubai is a thriving and very modern city. California should do the same.


Corpus Christi councilmen express concern for plans regarding proposed desalination plant – Texas – United States

The Port of Corpus Christi has submitted a low interest loan application with the State of Texas for its Harbor Island Desalination Plant Project. 

The cost of the project is estimated to be half a billion dollars. The Port is hoping to get its permit sometime next month to be able to have the plant built on Harbor Island. 

However, the new information did not sit well with at least two city council members. 


Ducey desalination proposal carries hefty price tag – Arizona

This Friday marks Earth Day. This year the drought and dwindling water supplies top the list of environmental challenges here in the southwest.

Scientists remain at odds over Gov. Doug Ducey’s plan to help solve Arizona’s water issues by desalinating water from the Sea of Cortez.

Ducey unveiled the idea in his State of the State address earlier this year. He proposed a $1 billion project to draw treated water to Morelos Dam near Yuma, but the challenges to the idea remain difficult to solve.


Cost of Poseidon desalination water gets renewed scrutiny – California

Poseidon Water’s controversial proposal for a Huntington Beach desalination plant might cost water customers more than previously thought, a factor that could create a new obstacle to construction of the $1.4 billion project.

Word that the principal customer for the water, the Orange County Water District, was reexamining costs came from district General Manager Mike Markus on Thursday, March 31, at an OC Forum panel discussion on solutions to water shortages.

It’s one of several recent signs of emerging challenges for Poseidon, which needs a permit from the state Coastal Commission before it can negotiate a final contract with the water district and build a plant to turn ocean water into tap water.


Doheny desalination plant easily wins first state approval – California

A desalination plant proposed near Doheny State Beach was unanimously approved Wednesday, March 9, for the first of three necessary state permits, sailing through the San Diego Regional Water Control Board hearing in three hours with no major concerns raised by either the board or the public.

That’s a sharp contrast to the regulatory scrutiny — and extensive public opposition — for Poseidon Water’s much larger desalination proposal up the coast in Huntington Beach, reflecting numerous differences between the two plans.

Wednesday’s approval could signal a smooth regulatory path ahead for the Doheny project, proposed South Coast Water District. But the small district continues to seek financial partners among neighboring water agencies — and beyond — in order to bring down customer costs.


Key hearing on Poseidon desalination plant delayed two months – California

Ongoing disagreements between Poseidon Water and state regulators over a proposed desalination plant in Huntington Beach have resulted in a March 17 permit hearing being postponed at the company’s request.

Poseidon is seeking the final permit needed, from the state Coastal Commission, before it can finalize contract terms with the Orange County Water District and begin construction on a controversial, $1.4 billion plant that would produce enough drought-proof water for 400,000 people. The hearing slated for next month is now expected in May.

Environmentalists have rallied steadfastly against the plant, arguing that the more costly water is not needed in the north and central parts of the county it would serve, that it would kill marine life unnecessarily, that proposed mitigation for the environmental damage is inadequate, and that the site is vulnerable to sea-level rise.



Arizona’s water future is unclear, but ASU is working to change that. Existing programs and schools at the University focusing on research and development could be key in finding the best set of solutions to the state’s water crisis.

The dual threat of increased population and megadrought conditions due to climate change are not likely to ease in the near future.

Drought conditions that have persisted in the West are considered to be the driest 22-year period since the year 800, a report from Nature Climate Change found.


Huntington Beach desalination facility needed for environment, tax base – California

Every day I walk near the ocean I am reminded how fragile is our precious Huntington Beach. As the mayor of Surf City, I am most dedicated to keeping its ecology pristine.

It’s essential for the planet. And it’s for the enjoyment of our residents – and the millions of visitors who come here each year to relax and enjoy the surf and sand, while patronizing our restaurants and shops.

That’s why I support Huntington Beach’s new desalination facility for our city. It will be located next to the AES power plant off Newland Street and PCH. One of the best features of the new facility is it will sport a zero-carbon footprint.