Saudi National Water Co. restructures as part of privatization drive – Saudi Arabia

MEWA has launched the latest phase of its restructuring of regional water facilities under the umbrella of the NWC, as part of the Kingdom’s wider privatization strategy.

On Sunday, Abdul Rahman Al-Fadli, minister of environment, water and agriculture, launched the integration of the Western Cluster, around the Makkah region, and the Southern Cluster, consisting of the Asir, Jazan, Najran, and Al-Baha regions.

The two clusters will be restructured under the NWC parent entity and are part of plans for all 13 regions in the Kingdom to be integrated into six clusters, which will then operate under centralized management.


Saudi CMA Approves ACWA Power IPO – Saudi Arabia

The Saudi CMA approved the request of the International Company for Water and Power Projects (ACWA POWER) application for public offering of 81.2 million shares, representing 11.1 percent of its share capital.

The Company’s prospectus will be published within sufficient time prior to the start of the subscription period.

The investment value of the company’s portfolio exceeds $66.1 billion, producing 42 gigawatts (GW) of electricity and 6.4 million cubic meters of desalinated water per day, provided as a huge production that meets the needs of state utilities, and according to long purchase contracts.


ACWA Power Wins Makkah Excellence Award for Rabigh 3 – Saudi Arabia

ACWA Power announced receiving the Makkah Excellence Award for Rabigh 3 for water desalination based on reverse osmosis technology.

The new desalination plant is designed with a capacity of 600,000 m³ / day of potable water.

It is considered one of the largest desalination stations through reverse osmosis in the world, with an innovative design that guarantees efficiency and confidentiality compared to any other station.


GE wins contract for substation of KSA’s first clean energy desal plant – Saudi Arbia

The Yanbu-4 IWP plant will be the first integrated, seawater reverse osmosis project in the Kingdom that uses clean energy.

Scheduled to be operational in 2023, Yanbu-4 will have a capacity of 450,000m3 per day of fresh water to be supplied to households in Makkah and Madinah.

Located 140km west of Madinah, near the town of Ar Rayyis on the Red Sea coast of the Kingdom, Yanbu-4 will utilise reverse osmosis technology to supply potable water.


Saudi Arabia aims to be Egypt’s top trading partner – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia plans to be Egypt’s top trading partner within five years, said Saudi Commerce Minister Majid Al-Qasabi.

He made the pledge at the Egyptian-Saudi Joint Trade Committee on Monday.

The minister highlighted the presence of 6,225 Saudi companies operating in Egypt with investments amounting to some $30 billion.


GE to build turnkey substation for Yanbu 4 desalination plant in Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia

GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions has won a deal from Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Co. Ltd., to build a turnkey substation that will power the Yanbu-4 independent water producer (IWP) plant.

This is the first integrated, seawater reverse osmosis project in the Kingdom that uses clean energy.

Scheduled to be operational in 2023, Yanbu-4 will have a capacity of 450,000 cubic meters per day of fresh water to be supplied to households in Makkah and Madinah.

Saudi Arabia’s SWCC partners with China to develop new seawater desalination technology – Saudi Arabia

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) is in the process of developing a new technology for seawater desalination in cooperation with the Chinese Ministry of Natural Resources through its Institute for Research and Desalination Technologies Establishment.

The cooperation includes developing projects using reverse osmosis technology and evaporation technology, adopting a multi-stage effect method, in addition to projects related to future technologies, and standardizing desalination techniques.

This cooperation also contributes to strengthening relations between the Kingdom and China, and pushes for more communication through diplomatic channels and economic sectors in the fields of water desalination, in order to serve the development of technologies and raise performance efficiency to double the achievements in the areas of reducing energy consumption and localizing modern technologies.


Saudi Arabia plans to raise $55bn from privatization – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia aims to secure about $55 billion out of this privatization plan, of which $16.5 billion in the form of public-private partnerships, Minister of Finance Muhammad Al-Jadaan said on Thursday.

Al-Jadaan the remarks during the high-level “G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue: Financing Sustainable Infrastructure for the Recovery” event which was attended by G20 finance ministers, international and regional organizations, and major investors and asset managers representing the private sector.

Al-Jadaan pointed out that the Kingdom has recently announced a privatization plan that includes a pipeline of 160 projects across 16 sectors, including asset sales and public-private partnerships.


GE, Shandong Tiejun complete substation for Saudi’s Rabigh-3 IWP – Saudi Arabia

An Independent Water & Power (IWP) bulk supply joint project from Rabigh Three Company, co-owner, and operator of Rabigh-3 IWP plant, was secured by GE’s Grid Solutions. The Rabigh-3 IWP is majority-owned by ACWA Power.

Meanwhile, the original agreement for the contract was signed between GE’s Grid Solutions and Shandong Tiejun Electric Power Engineering Co with project ownership under Rabigh Three Company.

GE’s Grid Solutions completed the design, civil works, equipment supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of the 380/110 kV substation despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The plant can deliver 600,000m3 of drinking water daily to Makkah and Jeddah. The on-schedule commissioning of the plant was because it was energised within the timeframe.


Saudi Arabia seeks to fast-track use of renewable energy in desalination – Saudi Arabia

Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) Governor Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Abdulkareem and Al-Jouf University President Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Shaya signed a memorandum of understanding with an aim to enhance and facilitate means of expertise and knowledge exchange between the two sides.

The MoU also seeks to expand bilateral cooperation in a way that enables developing, conducting, and following up on research and training projects related to the industry of water desalination.

This MoU is part of SWCC’s commitment to building fruitful strategic partnerships with Saudi universities, enhancing cooperation means in fields of using renewable energy in water desalination, and holding joint applied research projects that allow the utilization of human and material resources and scientific capacities of both sides.