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Desalination is solution to Durban’s ’abysmal’ water infrastructure – South Africa

He was speaking ahead of World Water Day, which takes place on Tuesday.

“I cannot see the future without desalination on a huge scale,” said Turton.

“All the coastal cities, from Richards Bay to Cape Town, are fundamentally water constrained and will not be able to get their water from their rivers. It is sucked up by inland water users.”


Cape Town’s V&A to Get New Desalination Plant for Water Needs – Cape Town

Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront is set to get a new desalination plant to ensure a fresh water supply at the tourism hotspot during any future crisis affecting South Africa’s second-largest city.

Growthpoint Properties Ltd., the country’s biggest listed real estate firm, received approval for the 3.3 megalitre facility and construction will begin in the first quarter of next year, according to a statement on Thursday.

The project should be complete by 2024, the Johannesburg-based company said.


How Cape Town avoided a devastating water crisis at the last minute – Cape Town

After three consecutive years with a dry winter, Cape Town faced a water crisis that was so severe, its municipal authorities began bracing for Day Zero – the day they would have to shut down the city’s water supply, and residents would be forced to line up for daily water rations of 50 litres per person.

That level of conservation is foreign to most people in urban regions.

For instance, an average person in the US goes through 303 to 378 litres of water in a day, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Cape Town defends water and electricity tariffs –  Cape Town

The City of Cape Town says it uses all income from tariffs for the provision of services.

It said it rejects any misinformation being spread about the city’s tariffs and rates, despite numerous efforts to correct the misinformation.

“(The city) does everything in its power to keep tariffs as affordable as possible to cover the cost of providing the services while making sure the income is sufficient to ensure the municipality can continue providing services sustainably.


Sections of Monwabisi Beach closed for a week amid desalination plant decommissioning – Cape Town

The City of Cape Town has advised the public sections of Monwabisi Beach will be temporarily closed this week, while contractors undertake the decommissioning of the temporary Monwabisi desalination plant.

The City said the closure, for safety reasons, will take place from today until Saturday, February 13.

“Sections of the beach will be closed during this period, while contractors work on the seaward side to move part of the intake and brine pipelines.


Cape Town plans to be African leader in water and sanitation services – Cape Town

The City is on a mission to make Cape Town the first African city to be a world leader in water and sanitation services.

Yesterday, City officials visited the Wemmershoek Dam to brief the media on the water outlook over the next few years.

Mayor Dan Plato said: “It must be emphasised that the full dams are an achievement we arrived at collectively. Cape Town has always been a city of action.


The City wants to build a R1.8-billion desalination plant – Cape Town

The City of Cape Town plans to build a permanent desalination plant capable of producing 50-million litres of water per day by 2026. The project will cost R1.8-billion.

The City said that its Water Strategy is already in action as 15-million litres of groundwater is added to the water supply daily via the Table Mountain Group Aquifer.

The strategy also includes other projects like the desalination plant, alien vegetation clearing, the augmentation of the Berg River and water reuse.


No water restrictions: ‘City of Cape Town is not fully coming to the party’ – Cape Town

Cape Town – The City decided to lift water restrictions in Cape Town and to move to the lowest tariff, being the no-restriction, water-wise tariff from November 1.

The mayoral committee (mayco) unanimously supported the decision which will be presented before council for noting next week.

Mayor Dan Plato said: “Mayco has noted the expert advice from the City’s water and sanitation department and we support its decision to lift the water restrictions and to lower the water and sanitation tariff to the lowest approved level by council.


Cape desalination plants take a final bow – Cape Town

The Monwabisi desalination plant is being decommissioned as the two-years period for which it was hired has to come to an end.

Decommissioning of its counterpart is Strandfontein already commenced in June this year, and is currently underway.

This city commissioned both the Monwabisi and Strandfontein temporary desalination plants to provide emergency water supply in the event that it was needed, as we faced the prospect of Day Zero

City decommissions Standfontein desalination plant – Cape Town

The Standfontein desalination plant was decommissioned at midnight on Wednesday, June 17 a month earlier than scheduled. Over a period of two years, the temporary plant contributed massively to the City’s water supply, providing 3.8 billion litres at a time when Cape Town was close to running out of potable water. The plant will now be broken down and the land restored to its former condition.

Since it commissioned the desalination plant two years ago, the City of Cape Town said, it “has acquired valuable knowledge through hands-on experience about the operation of this alternative water technology”.

City officials now feel confident about their ability to pursue the large scale desalination project included in the Water Strategy.