Former Australian minister to discuss SA water crisis – Cape Town – South Africa

Water Shortage South Africa along with global water expert Professor Anthony Turton and former minister of Victoria Professor John Thwaite are to have a discussion centred around the Cape Town water crisis.

Water Shortage South Africa CEO, Benoit Le Roy in a statement on Monday said Turton warns of the real estate bubble that could well burst in Cape Town as a result of poor leadership, both locally, and nationally during the water crisis.


Western Australia rolling out major innovation hub to deal with climate change – Perth – Australia

Western Australia state is rolling out a major innovation hub to help develop wastewater recycling technologies as part of the latest efforts to deal with the impact of climate change on the valuable resource.

“Given wastewater is 99.97 percent water, as it mostly comes from showers, baths and sinks, the potential to develop more recycling options for this resource is just beginning to be explored as we work towards a more sustainable future,” the state’s Water Minister Dave Kelly said in a statement late on Tuesday.


New water infrastructure for WA – Perth – Australia

New water infrastructure in Western Australia is set to have a significant impact on irrigated agriculture production in the Collie River, Harvey and Waroona districts.

Led by Collie Water, the $396 million project aims to reduce salinity in the Wellington Dam, WA’s second largest reservoir.

Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of The Nationals and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Michael McCormack, said the Australian Government is committed to constructing the water infrastructure of 21st century.


Public wants Perth water to come from desalination plant – Perth – Australia

Almost half of people in WA want Perth’s next major source of drinking water to be another desalination plant, the biggest survey of its kind has found.

Releasing the results of an 18-month consultation to gauge public views about Perth’s water future, the Water Corporation said desalinated ocean water was by far the most popular choice for the city’s next supply source.


Desal plants might do less damage to marine environments than we thought – Sydney – Australia

The Conversation) Millions of people all over the world rely on desalinated water. Closer to home, Australia has desalination plants in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, the Gold Coast, and many remote and regional locations.

But despite the growing size and number of desalination plants, the environmental impacts are little understood.

Our six-year study, published recently in the journal Water Research , looked at the health the marine environment before, during and after the Sydney Desalination Plant was operating.


Berejiklian eager to switch on Sydney desalination plant – Sydney – Australia

It’s little wonder the Berejiklian government is eager to switch on the Sydney desalination plant and end the “water security mode” it has languished in since 2012.

At full bore, the Kurnell plant is designed to deliver about 91 billion litres of drinking water a year, meeting almost a sixth of Sydney’s annual needs.


Alkimos in the mix for Perth’s next $1 billion desalination plant – Perth – Australia

A giant desalination plant in Perth’s northern suburbs is in the mix to be the city’s next major drinking water source, with the Water Corporation set to undertake preparatory works.

The State-owned utility has revealed it is about to carry out a seismic survey of the seabed off Alkimos to identify potential issues or risks associated with building a desalination plant there.

Testing will begin on September 17 and last for three weeks, before a drilling barge is used for “core sampling” until November.


Perth dam levels swell after wet winter – Perth – Australia

PERTH’s dams have swelled to their highest levels in almost a decade after a return to relatively average rainfall over the past two winters.

The Water Corporation said yesterday that almost 100 billion litres of run-off had flowed into Perth’s network of reservoirs between June and last month — just shy of the post-1975 average of 107 billion litres.

It comes after one of the city’s wettest winters in years during which 467.4mm of rain fell, almost in line with the historical average of 473.7mm.


HICL pockets £91m from Australian water plant sale – Victoria – Australia

HICL Infrastructure (HICL) has agreed to sell its interest in an Australian water plant, netting the trust £91 million.

The £2.8 billion trust managed by InfraRed Capital has agreed to sell its 9.7% interest in the AquaSure Desalination public-private partnership project.

The project is a 30-year concession to finance, construct, operate, and maintain the largest desalination plant in the southern hemisphere and is capable of producing 444 million litres of drinking waters a day.


Sydney dam levels plummeting as desalination plant stalls – Sydney – Australia

A multimillion dollar desalination plant built to address water shortages in Sydney a decade ago may not be fully operational until next August.

As drought continues to grip New South Wales, Sydney’s dam levels are falling at such a rapid rate that the city’s only desalination plant could be needed for the first time since 2012.

Sydney’s total water storage fell to 65% this week, down about a quarter since last year. Warragamba Dam, the city’s largest water source, is at 68.3%. Twelve months ago it was at 90.7% capacity.