Desalination Software Training – Cairo – Egypt

Desalination Software Training – Cairo – Egypt

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DME Seminar “Desalination Software Training” (S-002-2019)

(22-23. 05. 2019) Cairo/ Egypt

Various manufacturers of membranes offer you their tools for the planning of desalination plants. Each manufacturer has its own concept. We at DME have now made it our task as a user of this software to give the opportunity to get to know four of these tools during a seminar and to talk and discuss directly with the suppliers’ experts,
You bring your laptop to our event, install the software for configuring reverse osmosis systems, ion exchange systems or pretreatment under guidance, and receive first-hand training. and that of the four leading manufacturers in the world.
We accompany you independently and advise you, give you the necessary overview and support you in the preparation of your desalination project.
Use this opportunity to get bundled information on the best free software tools in the world in just 2 days and sign up today. The number of participants is limited to 30 people to ensure excellent training.

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Cairo City - Egypt