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Marubeni and Taqa finalise contracts for Saudi Aramco power and water project – Saudi Arabia

Japan’s Marubeni and Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (Taqa) have signed the final contracts and reached financial close for the project to develop a cogeneration power and water desalination project for Saudi Aramco

The Tanajib cogeneration power and steam component will have a power capacity of 940MW and a steam capacity of 1,084 tonnes per hour of steam. The desalination plant will have a capacity of 5.25 million imperial gallons a day (MIGD).

Marubeni and Taqa signed a water and energy conversion agreement for the greenfield industrial facility on 15 September, according to sources close to the scheme. Financial close for the project was reached on 15 October.


Despite Expected Rainfall, Santa Barbara County Still at 10-Year Low

Santa Barbara County is experiencing its lowest rainfall in 10 years, a scenario that is likely the new normal.

“There is substantial uncertainty about how climate change will affect precipitation in our county,” said Matt Young, Santa Barbara County’s water agency manager.

“However, the best available science indicates that we may see longer drought periods punctuated by years with more intense rainfall.”


Financial close achieved on major Saudi desalination project – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC), in association with a private consortium, has achieved financial close on the Jubail 3B Independent Water Project (IWP).

The project, which is a key part of the water schemes in Saudi Arabia developed under the public-private-partnership (PPP) structure, is expected to start commercial operation in 2024.

The consortium, comprising France-headquartered ENGIE (40 percent), Saudi-based Nesma Company Limited (30 percent) and Abdulaziz Al Ajlan Sons for Commercial and Real Estate Investment Ajlan And Bros Company (30 percent), was picked as preferred bidder on the project in April.


Taqa and Saudi Aramco to develop greenfield power and desalination project – Saudi Arabia

Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, also known as Taqa, will develop a large greenfield power and desalination project with Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest exporter of crude.

The 940-megawatt Tanajib cogeneration and desalination project will have a capacity of 1,084 tonnes per hour of steam and 5.25 million Imperial gallons per day (MIGD) of desalinated water.

Taqa also signed a water and energy conversion agreement with Japan’s Marubeni Corporation to develop a greenfield industrial facility that includes provisions for supporting infrastructure such as pipelines to connect the desalination and cogeneration plants with end users.


Water-poor Egypt eyes quadrupling desalination capacity in 5 years – Egypt

Water-scarce Egypt aims to more than quadruple desalination capacity by granting private companies concessions from its sovereign wealth fund to build 17 plants over the next five years with sustainable solar energy.

The plan fits into Egypt’s push to diversify its sources of fresh water for a fast-growing population as it faces competition for Nile river water from the giant hydropower dam that Ethiopia is building upstream.

The new concessions are designed to encourage private investment and technological development, both areas in which the Arab world’s most populous country has struggled.


Consortium buys Mekorot’s Ashdod desalination plant – Israel

The GES consortium, comprising Shapir Engineering and Industry (TASE: SPEN), controlled by the Shapira family, and Generation Capital, is buying the Ashdod desalination plant from Mekorot Israel National Water Co.

The consortium will pay Mekorot NIS 909 million, which is much more than Mekorot estimated.

The plant desalinates some 100 million cubic meters of water annually, about a sixth of the total volume of desalinated water currently produced in Israel.


Solar Water Solutions receives funding from Nefco to scale up solar-powered water purification in water-scarce countries – Finland

The Finnish family enterprise aims to fill the need for sustainable and affordable drinking water in rural areas.

Unique battery-less solar-powered water treatment units help reduce e-waste and save groundwater with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Nefco has granted financing for Solar Water Solutions to speed up the internationalisation of its battery-free desalination systems.


Desal plant location chosen for Eyre Peninsula – South Australia

Billy Lights Point, near Port Lincoln, has been selected as the preferred location for a desalination plant in the Eyre Peninsula area of South Australia, which will provide drinking water for around 35,000 SA Water customers. 

The decision follows a comprehensive analysis of 20 sites around Port Lincoln and Lower Eyre Peninsula, as well as ongoing consultation with local stakeholders.

The plant will provide a new reliable, climate-independent source of drinking water to supplement existing groundwater sources and the River Murray, and is critical to maintaining a long-term supply of safe and clean drinking water in the area, as well as enabling economic growth.


Despite a Punishing Drought, San Diego Has Water. It Wasn’t Easy – United States

In many parts of California, reminders abound that the American West is running out of water.

“Bathtub rings” mark the shrinking of the state’s biggest reservoirs to some of their lowest recorded levels. 

Fields lie fallow, as farmers grapple with an uncertain future. A bed-and-breakfast owner spends $5 whenever a tourist showers.


Temporary shutdown of desal plant – Trinidad and Tobago

Thousands of people in Central and South-West Trinidad will be without water this weekend after the WASA announced a temporary shutdown of the desalination plant in Point Lisas yesterday.

The disruption in the supply of pipe-borne water is as a result of emergency repairs to a 42-inch diameter raw water pipeline at the plant, WASA said in a statement.

WASA normally receives a daily supply of 40 million gallons of water from the plant, it noted.