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Residents of Kannagi Nagar and Ezhil Nagar complain of erratic water supply – Chennai – India

For three months now, water supply to the Kannagi Nagar and Ezhil Nagar tenements has been erratic and of poor quality, residents have complained.

Water stored in underground sumps and supplied through hand pumps is the only water source for the nearly 23,700 tenements in Kannagi Nagar and about 8,000 tenements in Ezhil Nagar.

N. Mallika, a resident of Kannagi Nagar, said much of the water collected often has to be wasted as it was either discoloured or had a foul smell.


Water recycling project fits needs on Monterey Peninsula – California

Expansion of the Pure Water Monterey recycled water project is the best option for the Monterey region to meet its future water supply needs.

Unfortunately, California American Water Co., a private water supplier, is discrediting the project in the hopes of instead getting approval for their much more costly, oversized and environmentally harmful groundwater desalination project to be built in, around and through the city of Marina.


ACWA-led consortium secures financing for Jubail desalination plant – Saudi Arabia

A consortium led by Saudi Arabian utility developer ACWA Power has signed financing agreements for a $650 million desalination project in the Saudi industrial city of Jubail.

The desalination plant, Jubail-3A IWP, will use sea water reverse osmosis to yield a capacity of 600,000 cubic metres per day.

The plant is being financed through limited recourse ring-fenced project financing from Al Rajhi Bank 1120.SE, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank ADIB.AD, Riyad Bank 1010.SE and Mizuho 8411.T, ACWA said in a statement.


Saudi utility firm wins financing for $650m desalination project – Saudi Arabia

ACWA Power has obtained financing to help develop a $650 million desalination project in Saudi Arabia.

The transaction is funded through “limited recourse ring-fenced project financing” with Al Rajhi Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Riyad Bank and Mizuho Bank as initial mandated lead arrangers, the Saudi-based utility said in a statement.

Riyad Bank and Bank AlJazira also provided equity bridge loans earlier this month.


Dubai’s Hassyan IWP achieves world’s lowest tariff of 0.277 USD per cubic metre – United Arab Emirates

After retendering the project, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has achieved a new world’s breaking record for the lowest water levelised tariff of 0.277 USD per cubic metre for its 120 Million Gallons Per Day (MIGD) Hassyan Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Plant.

The project is DEWA’s first Independent Water Producer (IWP) model project.

DEWA has adopted the IWP procurement model for the Hassyan desalination plant following the success of the Independent Power Producer (IPP) model at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park projects.


Municipality asks Bay residents to ‘pray for rain’ – Eastern Cape

That is the word from Nelson Mandela Bay infrastructure and engineering portfolio head Mongameli Bobani.

The municipality said on Friday there were continued water disruptions in parts of the city due to the Emerald Hill reservoir running dry and the Chelsea reservoir level at an alarming 11%.

Bobani said water should be restored to those areas by Friday evening, but divine intervention was also needed.


Desalination is not the only answer to Chile’s water problems – Chile

Chile produces nearly a quarter of the world’s copper supply, with the majority of production coming from the northern provinces (Exhibit 1). That same region is one of the driest places on the planet.

During 2019, Chile experienced its worst drought in decades, with the government having to supply fresh water to almost 400,000 residents.

Annually, the mining industry consumes enough water to provide for 75 percent of the needs of Chile’s population.


DEWA MD & CEO reviews progress on SWRO-based desalination plant in Jebel Ali – United Arab Emirates

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) inspected the progress of the Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalination Plant’s construction at the Jebel Ali Power Plant and Desalination Complex.

The plant will have a total production capacity of 40 Million Imperial Gallons per Day (MIGD). Jebel Ali Power Plant and Desalination Complex is one of the main complexes providing Dubai with reliable, efficient, and high-quality electricity and water services.

DEWA awarded an AED 871-million contract for the construction of the SWRO-based desalination plant in Jebel Ali to a joint venture comprising ACCIONA Agua SA and Belhasa Six Construct (BeSIX).


EBRD may finance ACWA’s 200 MW solar plant in Egypt with $54 million loan – Egypt

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development reports it is considering lending $54 million to Saudi energy giant ACWA for a 200 MW solar power plant it is building in the town Kom Ombo, in the Aswan governorate of southern Egypt.

The international financial institution said the lending may consist of senior debt financing of up to $40 million co-financed with other parties and an equity bridge loan of up to $14 million.

The 200 MW plant will be located in a vacant arid land 60 km north of Aswan city, adjacent to a 26 MW PV plant developed by the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) and also approximately 17 km north of the 1.8 GW Benban solar complex, where ACWA Power has already developed 120 MW of solar.


Teshie Desalination Project was set up to milk the country – South Africa

He said had it not been for contractual obligations, he would have terminated the project contract if he had his way.

Speaking on the topic “Making State Enterprises Profitable and Resilient”, Asabee said “Why would you want to desalinate seawater when you have clean water bodies like the Volta that has been dammed at Akosombo and, you can even supply to Togo if you are serious.

It is terrible, if I had my way, I’ll cancel it.”