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WAF confirms desalination plant installed at Navaca in Taveuni is working however Chaudhry saying he does not believe WAF – Fiji

The Water Authority of Fiji is saying the desalination plant installed at Navaca in Taveuni is working however Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry says he does not believe it.

Chaudhry claims the $3 million desalination plant installed in 2014 has been out of service for the last 18 months and residents of south Taveuni face chronic water problems going back over a decade.

When questioned by Legend FM News on the clarification from WAF that the plant is working properly, Chaudhry says he does not believe the Water Authority.

‘Environmental justice’ starts by providing more water – California

Environmentalists have won the latest battle in California’s water wars, as California American Water just announced it is temporarily withdrawing its application to build a desalination plant on an old sand mine in the largely low-income town of Marina near Monterey.

The proposal faced a tough approval process at the California Coastal Commission after local activists complained about its effects on their community.

In a recent article, the Los Angeles Times asked this loaded question in its headline: “Is California serious about environmental justice? This water fight is a test.”

Conservationists Split Over Poseidon Desal Project’s Potential to Help Bolsa Chica Wetlands – California

Along a Huntington Beach coastline dotted with oil rigs and a power plant, one of California’s largest remaining saltwater marshes has been a source of pride for local environmentalists.

But the marsh, known as the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, is endangered despite a years-long struggle to pull together sufficient public funding for its upkeep.

Nearby, the Poseidon Water Co., which has been in a decades-long, controversial fight to build a seawater desalination plant next to the AES energy station at the south end of the city, has justified its project partly with a promise to finance the wetlands’ conservation.


Water company withdraws desalination proposal as battle over environmental justice heats up – California

Amid mounting controversy and concerns over environmental justice, California American Water on Wednesday withdrew its application for a desalination project in the small Monterey Bay town of Marina.

The proposal had become one of the most fraught issues to come before the California Coastal Commission, which was set to vote Thursday.

The decision would have been the first major test of the commission’s new power to review not only harm to the environment when making decisions but also harm to underrepresented communities.


California Coastal Commission must halt unjust, destructive Monterey desalination plant – California

As two mayors of color, we oppose a desalination project that would impose environmental injustice and economic racism on the people of Seaside and Marina in Monterey County.

The California Coastal Commission will vote on Thursday whether to approve a desalination plant being forced on the Monterey Peninsula by California American Water (Cal-Am).

The Monterey Peninsula does not want or need this oversized, overpriced groundwater desalination plant. We have a far more cost-effective solution for our future water needs in expanding our new recycled water project — Pure Water Monterey (PWM).

Israel expects $500m in deals with Bahrain and UAE – Israel

Israel expects to seal deals worth about $500m after Tuesday’s historic agreements to normalise ties with the UAE and Bahrain come into force.

Ofir Akunis, Israel’s minister of regional co-operation, said the accords would expand into bilateral trade and investments reaching “billions of dollars for each side”.

The Jewish state will offer its expertise in water desalination and agricultural technology as the most promising sectors for co-operation with its new business partners in the Gulf.


ACCIONA-built Al-Khobar 1 desalination plant produces first cubic meter of water – Saudi Arabia

ACCIONA has described the production of the first cubic meter of water at Al-Khobar 1 as a key milestone in the construction of the desalination plant located on the east coast of Saudi Arabia.

The Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plant is owned by the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and considered a critical project in the modernisation of the water sector in Saudi Arabia.

A cubic meter of water is the equivalent to the consumption of a four-member family for one day, said its EPC contractor.


Desalination: Why the future of water innovation is informal and local – Mediterranean Sea

Israel, the Middle East and South Africa share a common fate of growing water scarcity in the face of growing water demand and the impact of climate change on water availability.

One of the greatest challenges the two regions face is the large percentage of the population that lacks access to water and wastewater infrastructure.

Lack of access or intermittent access to drinking water, sewage treatment and disposal and energy impede these populations’ abilities to improve their socioeconomic situation miring them in poverty.


Filinvest completes $200-M bond offer – Philippines

Listed Filinvest Development Corp. (FDC) has completed issuing $200 million worth of US dollar-denominated bonds, which its chief said attested to the company’s strong reputation.

In a disclosure on Friday, the Gotianun-led conglomerate said the Reg-S 5-year senior unsecured notes had a fixed coupon of 4.125 percent, payable semiannually.

The notes issued, it added, was the company’s first since 2013.


Saudi Arabia’s crowning PV plant – Saudi Arabia

ACWA Power launched the first solar project under the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 program, which will set the scene for Saudi Arabia’s renewable plans.

Project development moved quickly, with construction starting in November 2018 and panels that began generating electricity in November 2019.

ACWA Power is committed to developing PV capacity in its home base of Saudi Arabia with a goal to develop PV at the lowest possible cost.